Spa Retreat

A  spa retreat at any time is not about pampering its about putting self first in today’s society we are constantly taking care of others  but to give any care of quality,  we have to give from a  well that is full. If we are overstressed, tired, poorly nutritionist we can eventually become ill which benefits no one and is a lot more expensive than a visit to the spa , so use the spa as your retreat from the world . In fact you don’t have to keep a conversation whilst there. I visit several spas and one of the things I request is total tranquility so I can retreat from the world. This is the only time for a lot of us where some one else is totally focused on our care some thing that is overlooked is the value of  therapeutic touch which is very good for us supported by extensive research. For example in England when I worked as a  nurse we had babies who were small for their gestational age we would do therapeutic touch therapy on these infants and guess what they gained weight ,why not share your retreat with a partner. See you at the spa.