Massage–more than a luxury?

In today’s economy, clients are sometimes wondering whether to continue their regular program of spa treatments. My advice, not only as a spa therapist but a non-practicing registered nurse/ midwife and a Ph.D. in public health is–Yes! Yes! Yes! Self-care is worth the investment, despite the fact that most of us put ourselves last. I think we have a hard time believing that something that feels wonderful is also good for us. It’s easy to think it’s mere “pampering” because spa treatments give us pleasure. I’ve always told my clients, “No one else in your life is going to make you take care of yourself. It’s entirely up to you.”

Spa treatments are much more than a guilty pleasure. A therapeutic massage assists in pain relief, stimulating oxygenating blood cell flow to all areas of the body; it’s also sedating. The aches and pains of life are not something we have to tolerate; pain relief or pain management is probably the most popular reason our clients request massage therapy. While a scalp and face massage is the ultimate in relaxation therapy, it will also help relieve headaches, nourish the tissues of the skin and even reduce nasal congestion.

Massage has both short-term and long-term benefits if experienced on a regular basis. Touch therapy is something that our bodies are literally designed to respond positively to. We know that infants deprived of touch won’t thrive, and may actually die. The benefits of touch therapy don’t go away when we mature.

You both deserve and need to benefit from skillful touch therapy.

Your best investment is your health.