Permanent Makeup

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the permanent application of color to the skin to give the appearance of freshly applied makeup. A sterilized precision cosmetic needle delivers a microscopic amount of ink to the skin to enhance the natural color and shape of the lips, fill out any gaps between eyebrow hairs, darken the color of fair eyebrows or draw a permanent eyeliner along the eyelids.

Pigments used in permanent makeup are approved under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Who Is Permanent Makeup Useful For?

Permanent cosmetic treatments provide an alternative to applying makeup every day, but they are also suitable for people with medical conditions who want to feel more confident about their appearance.

  • Permanent makeup can be very useful to those who had lost eyelashes and eyebrows after chemotherapy, or as a result of alopecia.
  • Aging and over-plucking can cause the thinning of the eyebrows, so permanent makeup can enhance the look and shape of eyebrows.
  • Permanent makeup is also useful for the visually impaired, as it allows to look perfectly groomed without having to apply makeup every day.
  • If you suffer from vitiligo or have burns or scarring on your face, you can have permanent makeup applied to specific areas of the face where pigmentation is lacking to create a flawless complexion.
  • Do you have a special occasion like a wedding coming up? Permanent makeup is the perfect solution.
  • Permanent makeup is ideal if you practise sport, particularly swimming, as you don’t need to apply waterproof mascara or re-apply makeup after training.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

It is recommended to top up the pigment with a re-touch every 6 months to one year.

Permanent Makeup at Touch of London Spa

Permanent makeup prices start from $475. Currently brows permanent makeup is available. The price includes:

  • consultation
  • permanent makeup application
  • follow up retouch (6 weeks later or longer, as necessary)

For your convenience the consultation can be done by sending pictures in via email. You will then receive before and after pictures to show the results of the treatment.

A numbing cream will reduce any discomfort during the treatment and some after-care advice will be provided.
As you can see from these pictures (full consent given), eyebrows look more defined after permanent makeup application.

Lead Therapist at Violet J Spa

Violet Johnson PhD

Violet Johnson is a skilled professional with several years’ experience in the beauty industry. A former UK-trained nurse midwife, Violet is a cosmetologist, massage and health practitioner, hypnotherapist and public speaker. As a specialist in ethnic skin care, Violet believes that permanent makeup application is the best way to achieve a flawless complexion and a finished, well-groomed appearance. At present brows permanent makeup is available.