Love a lot, laugh often and live longer

Love is a magical thing.  We know that love feels good.  We know it can bring butterflies to our stomachs, make us stumble over our words, and keep a smile stretched across our faces.  But love is actually good for your health.   It can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and even boost your metabolic rate!

Have you ever noticed how when you are in love, you feel so youthful or giddy?  Well, there is science now behind this feeling of vitality.  Those “anti-aging” hormones are affected by feelings of love.  Through a study, conducted by the California-based HeartMath Institute, researchers found that although receiving love can slow down the aging process, giving love and affection actually slows it down even more.

So this Valentine’s day, make sure to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.  Give where you can, whether that be listening to a friend who needs to talk, holding the door open for a mother with her hands full, or pampering your loved one.  Stay healthy, happy, and loving!

Happy Valentine’s Day!