Global Skin Care/Multi-cultural Skin

Touch of London Spa - Willow Glen - San Jose, CA

Violet Johnson of Touch of London Spa shares her insight about Global Skin Care:

Global skin refers to multi-ethnic skin and the ability to care for each type: Asian, Spanish, Caucasian, Arabic, African and mixed-race skin types like my daughter who is part English, Irish, African and absolutely gorgeous!  

Gentle handling of these skin types are key, since aggressive extractions, especially on skin with acne, can create dark spots and pigmentation which are unsightly and hard to remove. 

In 1975,  Dr Fitzpatrick a Harvard dermatologist came up with the Fitzpatrick scale, it measures genetics and its reaction to sun and tanning habits.  

Sometimes clients feel that because their skin tone is darker they have more built-in protection against the sun and therefore minimizing the importance of using skin protection. The reverse has been my experience, since fairer skin tones react more quickly to the rays of the sun by turning pink almost at once.  Darker skin tones have more melanin which allows the skin to not show that same reaction so more sun damage can occur.  

The Fitzpatrick scale, categorizes skin types and their reactions to the sun:

  • light pale white always burns never tans
  • white fair usually burns never tans
  • medium white to light brown some times mild burn gradually tans to a light brown
  • olive moderate brown rarely burns tans with ease to a moderate brown
  • brown dark brown very rarely burns tans easily
  • black very dark brown to black never burns tans easily deeply pigmented

Its very important for estheticians to be educated in different skin types to ensure clients get the best result out of their service, and this starts with adequate education getting away from the cookie-cutter, one size fits all way of manufacturing skin care products, which seems to cater mostly to lighter skin types.  

There is now a gradual change happening, but a huge market is being unaddressed ~ and Global Skincare is the key!  I recently had a facial at a very upscale spa and my finishing moisturizer was so heavy there was an ashen look to my skin and I had to rinse my skin off and apply my stand-by gel moisturizer which absorbs into the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.

Looking forward to seeing you soon for your Global Skin consultation to assure your skin is getting all the nutrients and nurturing it needs.

~ Violet Johnson