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Welcome to our Day Spa! 

Touch of London Spa Willow Glen is a San Jose day spa dedicated to nurturing your well-being.

Founded by Violet Johnson, PhD, the spa’s menu reflects her background as a nurse midwife and psychologist with her skill as an acclaimed esthetics professional.

Day spas are typically places of luxury and pampering. Touch of London Spa takes guests beyond this “entry” level spa experience to a wonderful new place.

In her charming Willow Glen retreat, Violet Johnson has created an intimate haven of stress relief and a resource for improving well being naturally. This is not a “big box” spa, but a place where each guest is treated as an individual.

Personalized Approach

Touch of London Spa provides a personalized approach for clients who don’t always find the solutions they seek in typical spa menus:

  • Moms and mothers-to-be: From loss of energy to hyperpigmented skin, moms experience a host of unique health and beauty issues. Preparing for childbirth or recovering after a new baby also present an array of Mind-Body challenges. These all respond beautifully to a holistic approach.
  • Cancer Patients and Survivors: Cancer patients and survivors benefit tremendously from the right spa therapies and products and especially from stress relief, but it takes a knowledgeable therapist to recommend and perform the proper treatments.
  • Women of Color: A woman of color and esthetician extraordinaire, Violet is also a leading expert in the unique issues of multi-ethnic skins, including pigmentation problems, sensitivity and acne.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Touch of London Spa is a warm and welcoming community of wellness experts and practitioners. With a background in health and wellness, both as a psychologist and a nurse-midwife, Violet has developed a team that offers much more than pampering. 

Beyond the Spa

Violet has cultivated a network of outstanding physicians,  specialists in women’s health and well-being, who are committed to providing her clients with expert, personalized care. 

Violet Johnson receives patient referrals from physicians who trust her knowledge and have observed the profound benefits experienced by her clients. 

Clients of Touch of London Spa also have the opportunity to attend special events like the spa’s signature Cancer Comfort Day and educational evenings with guest experts.

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