Body Treatments

Spa Body Treatments

Imagine relaxing in a cocoon of warmth and botanical aromas while your stress is gently massaged away. Or experience the detoxifying results of our lymphatic drainage or herbal wraps. Customize your treatment with one of our extra touches or extra smooth waxing.

  • Hand Treatment
    Anti-aging with glycolic envelopment. Reduces pigmentation, softens dry, flaking cells. Essential oils massage, the hands are submerged in our heating treatment. 20 minutes. $50.
  • Lymphobiology Drainage
  • An excellent treatment to decrease puffiness and swelling, remove impurities from your skin and stimulate and oxygenate cells. Great prior to surgery and post operatively to speed healing and decrease bruising. With facial: 20 minutes, $50.00; thighs: 45 minutes, $135. Ask about our full body lymph drainage (See Massage).
  • Body Exfoliation.
  • Body scrub infused with heavenly scents is skillfully used to exfoliate and renew you from neck to toe. 30 minutes. $125.00
  • Hot Linen Herbal Wrap
  • Our delicious blend of ginger, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint and sage is designed to hydrate the skin and sooth away stress. Wonderful relaxing and grounding. Popular year-round treatment. Combine this with a body scrub then go to town with a Deep Tissue massage. Heaven on earth! 40 minutes. $125
  • Ayurveda Oil Treatment
  • Welcome to our latest addition to our wellness program, Shirodhara oil therapy is the ultimate relaxation therapy carried out by slow pouring of special warm organic oil on the forehead which is then massaged into the scalp. This is very relaxing which assist blood flow to the brain. This is traditional follow by a heavenly massage. 90 Minutes. $170.00
  • Extra Touches for Body
  • Victorian steam cabinet pre-treatment. 20 minutes $30.00.
  • Signature Eye and Lip Treatment
  • Oxygenating products help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and reduces the fine lines around eyes and lips. 30 minutes. $55.
  • Collagen/Paraffin Envelopment (For Hands or Feet)
  • Deeply hydrating treatment to soothe and smooth rough dry skin on hands or feet. 20 minutes. $15.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy are also available to customize your treatment. $7.50