Silkly Smooth


Waxing removes the complete hair shaft and root, whereas shaving removes the hair at skin level only.  With the entire root removed, the hair shaft will not re-grow for up to four weeks. leaving a smoother surface for a longer period of time. Purchase any of our Waxing Services in packages  and Save, Series of five (same treatment) Save 8% Series of 10 (same treatments) Save 10%. Our Waxing Services includes:

(We use a combination of hard and soft waxes for best results for even sensitive skins. Always make your esthetician aware of any medications you’re using.)



Brazilin $70-$75.00Face$45.00Side Burns$18.00

Arm, Fore $25.00
Arm, Full $40.00
Back or Chest $$55.00
Bikini, Basic $35-$55.00
Bikini, Extended $55.00
Brazilin (Female only)

Brazilin (Modified)



Brow, Design Original

Brow, Touch up, Monthly







Brow/Lip/Chin $60.00
Back or Chest $55,00 Starting at.
Chin $16.00
Lip, Upper $14.00
Leg, Half $50.00
Leg, Full $85.00
Leg, Full with Bikini Basic $100.00
Nose, Basic $7.00
Toes $12.00
Stomach $35.00
Underarms $25.00


Minutes Price
Tweezing 15 $25.00
Tweezing 30 $40.00


Minutes Price
Brow 30 $25.00
Lash 30 $30.00

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