Body Massage

Wellness Massage

Unlike spas that focus on pampering and relaxation, our expert massage therapist addresses your wellness needs. Every session begins with a consultation and check-in. Scheduled time is “your” therapeutic time in the treatment room. Every session is customized for your needs. Modalities include

  • Prenatal
    A comfortable and soothing sideline massage. It will aid in your total well being and ease the stress and strain on your body. Extra care and attention is given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. 60 minutes, $140.00
  • Deep Tissue
    A therapeutic treatment that works deep tissues to relieve muscular spasms and to compensate for overuse due to stress, work, or athletic activities. 60/90minutes, $135/$165.00
  • Manual lymphatic drainage treatment/Lympobiology
    This is an excellent treatment to decrease puffiness and swelling, by restoring a healthy lymphatic flow which improves circulation, accelerates healing, and increases hydration and stimulates and oxygenates cells. It is great prior to surgery and post operatively to speed healing and decrease bruising. 60/90 minutes,$125.00/$155.00
  • Heated Stone
    An age-old therapy used by Arawak Indians in the Caribbean and the Cherokee Indians in the USA. It helps to cleanse by stimulating the lymphatic system to purifying the body, causing relaxation to the charka points. This is an experience that is out of this world. 90 minutes, $190.00
  • Swedish
    This type of massage focuses on the muscles and soft tissue. A Swedish massage reduces tension, soothes sore muscles, and draws the body into a state of relaxation. 60/90 minutes, /$125.00/$155.00
  • Integrated Massage
    A therapeutic treatment that works deep tissue to relieve muscular spasms and to compensate for overuse due to stress., work or athletic activities. A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Hot Stone. 90 minutes $160.00


  • Heat Therapy
    Steam Cabinet pre-treatment, 20 minutes, $30.00
  • Soften Hands or/and Feet
    Warm paraffin envelopment of the feet or hands, $15.00, Hands and Feet, $30.00
  • Hot Spot
    Heated stone spot treatment, $15.00
  • Enhance
    Aromatherapy custom blending, $15.00